Global Marble & Granite always looks for how we can do things better, and at the same time give customers real, honest value for their money. We work with all types of stone products but specialize in natural stone. Natural stone really is our passion, and we recommend it for any job that you have to accomplish.

Natural stone is unique and individual, never dependent on fashion cycles that come and go. It suits modern contemporary design as well as classic designs, and it has the appearance of luxury which adds value to any property.

There are almost unlimited choices and combinations that you can customize with natural stone. You can get any look you want with exceptional quality and a lifetime of durability when you use natural stone. We truly believe that no other product compares to it.

As we attempt to give our customers the very best products and services, we have visited Italy, where we have established contacts with some of the world’s best stone suppliers. This is also where we purchased our state of the art machines equipped with the latest available technology. This has places us in the position of being able to produce the highest quality stone products and we have become the envy of other stone producers in WA.

Natural stone has been around for millions of years in fact, Granite can be used on the interior or
exterior of any home, with a stunning range of colors choices and beautiful, natural, hard wearing

Here are some of the major reasons why so many people choose Granite or Engineered (man made stone) as their favourite form of stone for a variety of projects…
✔ It is impossible to duplicate the true beauty of stonework. This gives your installation a one-of-a-kind quality that is hard to find with other products.
✔ The sunlight dances off the small crystals and changes the appearance of your stone
throughout the day. This gives your stone a magical quality that cannot be duplicated.
✔ You will still admire the beauty of your natural looking stone five years down the road. It’s durability is unmatched, but it is not just durable, it’s beauty lasts. This way it looks new for years.
✔ Many different patterns…veins, specks, and swirls. You can choose much more than just the color that gets used. Any colour combination will help bring out the small intricacies of the other features of your home such as paint color or hardwoods.
✔ Granite is colored all the way through. Edges are just as beautiful as the tops, giving you a truly all-around beautiful product.
✔ This natural stone is readily available.
✔ Granite is durable, it will last your lifetime and more.