Our Work

At Global Marble & Granite, the possibilities that we offer are limited only by your imagination.  We are equipped with modern CNC machines and have qualified, skillful and reliable staff producing the highest possible standard of work.

Our work is our passion.  We strive in every way to help you find the perfect stone for your needs and install it to the highest standards.  If you aren’t happy, then we aren’t happy.

Everything that we do is designed to give the very best quality – from stone to installation to service.  We are experts in our field, and we let you use our specialization to get the very best finished product.  We never compromise on quality.  Our competitors have been known to do lesser quality work with lower quality products, all in the name of saving customers money.  We don’t believe in doing that.

We have been known to lose projects to competitors due to our quote being higher in price.  However, as is usually the case in the long term, the company has been asked to repair the work carried out by the competitor after they failed to live up to the standards expected.  In other words, the customer ended up paying more because they sacrificed quality for price.  We vow never to let this happen to our customers.

Not only do we provide the best products, but we have the experience and expertise to go along with it.  We have completed specialized projects such as the Bali Memorial in Kings Park, cladding of David Jones store in Perth city and numerous projects at the Burswood casino.  These have been prominent projects which are well displayed and have long-lasting effects.

Our work is seen throughout Perth and interstate in well known businesses such as WatchWorks, Cobbler Extra, Muffin Break, Caffissimo and most recently the newly growing business of Chocolateria San Churro.  These are all situtated within busy commercial areas and attract much attention, especially when beautiful natural material is displayed to its fullest.

Stop by one of these locations to see our handiwork in action.  Then call us to schedule a time to get your natural stone installed.