As a “Global Marble & Granite” client you’ll find we listen carefully to what it is you want to achieve – then we fully GUARANTEE our service and work from start to finish!

We know your decision to trust us to deliver you the best stonework products…. fully custom made will be a wise move. That’s because we have the right attitude and the right tools and equipment for any job with our modern CNC machines PLUS: qualified, skilful and reliable staff who take pride in producing excellent standards of work.

Paying attention to individual customer requirement before we even lift a finger and getting it right first time is one of our major strengths.

Here’s what happens when you engage “Global Marble & Granite” and our UNIQUE 10 Step Process Kicks In…

  1. After we receive an email or phone enquiry – we invite you to supply us with a sketch or drawing showing the measurements for the project whether it’s for example, a kitchen bench tops, vanity, table, staircases… or whatever it is you require. (Please let us know if you need advice with this part of the process so we can assist.) In the case of new construction projects architectural drawings provide enough information to work out the cost.
  2. We then invite you to visit our office and customer selection centre where a huge selection of natural stone is displayed in the form of slabs, tiles and pavers etc. we also have precision samples of all engineered stone.
  3. As we will explain, looking at large slabs is essential as it gives you a clear idea of the different colours we have available.
  4. Looking at small samples gives a false impression as natural stone has many variations in the patterns and veins. The expectations we create in our mind based on small samples may lead to   is appointment so it’s best to be very clear on what attracts your eye at this point. This is also important when selecting engineered stone.
  5. Having decided on the colour that you know is going to look brilliant for your project we can now work out the costs and what suits your budget. Our estimator will need to make an accurate assessment of what amount of material is needed to complete the job.  Please understand this is a complex task and there is a lot to consider… like the size of the slabs available, the location of joints and matching all the patterns of the selected stone. Each costing is time consuming and will vary from one colour to another. Therefore it is necessary to provide you with a written quote together with a copy of our terms and conditions. Please note too that engineered stone has serious fabrication limitations and this needs to be considered.
  6. Once we receive the signed copy of acceptance for our quote and terms, we recommend you visit our customer selection centre again so we can get things moving along for you. It’s also time for our staff to organise for the particular stone you choose to be reserved. Please note that while we maintain high stock levels, sometimes for reasons beyond our control, stock may become unavailable, or in some cases, new stock varies substantially from the one a customer initially selected. In practical terms, the nature of the project being undertaken may take some time before we can do the job for example, a house may be under construction, cabinets are yet to be made, and we may require templates or need to take site measurements. As is often the case a lot of these things are beyond our control.
  7. Before we get started we need to see you once again, because prior to us commencing the project we will get the stone delivered to our factory and we’ll invite you to inspect it. This time our staff at the factory will discuss with you how we are going to cut the material, where we propose to place joints and why
  8. Only when you are happy with the whole process will we ask you to pay the deposit. All of our projects are customer made for individual needs and once stone is cut it will not be suitable any other purpose. The comforting thing for you to know at this point is that only when we are satisfied that a job is ready for installation do we contact you again to organise installation.
  9. Your satisfaction is paramount and so it is only after completing the project to your liking that we ask that the balance be paid.

We also recommend getting all stone (except man-made stone) treated with sealer.  This will ensure peace of mind and long-lasting new look for your stone finish.